Healthcare Social Media to 10X Engagement


Social Media Marketing for Doctors is only a phone call away!

It’s essential to have a practice that is based on referrals in the social media age, right? Let us manage your social media for you while you do what you do best — take care of people. When we do social media for doctors we employ a social media strategy that will keep you in front of future and existing patients. Contact us today to get an overview of how Metaphase Marketing can accomplishes this.

Did you know that use of social networks is the #1 activity of internet users? Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media avenues are still some of the fastest-growing sites today.


If you’re looking to engage existing patients — or find new ones — you need a strategy to effectively leverage social media to accomplish this goal. Communicating via social media in today’s world is a necessary change for your practice. But why? What can social media do for your local health care providers?

It can:

  • Increase opportunities for new patients.

  • Increase brand awareness and build confidence with new and existing patients.

  • Build patient loyalty and a positive referral base.

  • Increase patient retention and per patient revenue.

As local health care providers, you are in the business of helping people. But the way in which people interact with one another has changed.

The Social Patient has changed the way he or she wants to interact with you and with the world.

A great many of the patients you see on a regular basis — as well as their family and friends — engage daily using social networks. We believe it’s very important to have a strategy to leverage social media in order to sustain, and even grow, your practice in today’s social world.

While there’s no limit to how you might use social networks to benefit your practice, the goal is simple: you want to FIND, SERVE, and KEEP more patients profitably.

The most effective practices in America use social media hand-in-hand with a complete digital marketing system like Metaphase Marketing — one that employs a website designed to covert traffic, enhance referral strategy, take advantage of blogging, and uses email and prospect automation as well as powerful analytics and reporting.

Find out how Metaphase Marketing can help your practice increase revenue by leveraging social media to engage today’s Social Patient.

The best part is, we do the work so you don’t have to!

We specialize in social media and digital marketing software and solutions serving all medical practices including, but not limited to:

  • Plastic Surgeons

  • Cosmetic Surgeons

  • Cosmetic Dermatologists

  • Medical Spas

  • Dentists

  • Cosmetic Dentists

  • Orthodontists

  • Chiropractors

  • Vein Specialists

  • Wellness Centers

  • Anti-Aging Practices

  • Cardiologists

  • OB/GYN