4 Myths About Why Facebook Doesn't Work


After having countless conversations with business owners I’ve been able to help determine if Facebook is the right place to market your business in a matter of 5 questions.

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Now many people who aren’t currently advertising on FB don’t think that it’s the right place for them, when in fact it could be.

But, it could also the same in reverse. You could be blowing your marketing budget on 10 different campaigns when there is another underpriced platform that would work as well or better. For example, Reddit ads at $2 CPMs or Taboola for content marketing for blog posts.

Here’s one of the biggest reasons business owners are so scared to try Facebook marketing.

Myth 1: My customers aren’t on Facebook.


Let’s put this to bed right now. More than one billion people are active on Facebook. 2.5 billion people use at least one of Facebook's apps including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Unless your target is living under a rock, they are on one of these apps. Especially. since we most of us are glued to our phones. The most important rule of marketing: go where your audience is.

This massive audience combined with Facebook's hyper-intelligent targeting makes it deadly powerful. So powerful in fact, United States Congress gets involved to prevent it from swaying elections. Anything that has that kind of capability, should be taken seriously by any business.


Myth 2: I’m targeting individuals/decision makers and Facebook can’t find them.

This is also false. There are very few people Facebook can’t reach for Account Based Marketing (ABM). If you’re trying to reach a VP of product development you can easily target by title or by organization. Within a couple weeks and a just a few thousand dollars you could get everyone at Celgene could know who your business is.

Myth 3: My competitors don’t use Facebook either.

This one drives me nuts. As you sit on the sidelines wondering if Facebook is right for you, by the time your major competitors realize it’s massively underpriced it’s too late. They’ll enter the market with their massive budget and outbid you at every turn. It is much better to be the speedboat so you can move fast and outmaneuver the yachts of the business world.

Myth 4: We tried it, and Facebook didn’t work for us.

This one is a very real concern. It could be that Facebook is just not a good choice for your business, but more likely the case is that the campaigns weren’t tested correctly. The amount of strategy and planning that goes into advertising on Facebook is insane. Even marketing “experts” make mistakes and of just guessing to what will work.

It takes a solid process to results and a robust hypothesis before beginning to start advertising. Even crazier is when I hear of business owners having their cousin, niece or brother run their advertising just because they are a millennial or have posted a couple FB posts on a business page.

There’s a vast amount of variables that go into making the decision to use Facebook advertising or not. To help you understand if Facebook is right for you to take my 5 question quiz and find out.