Consulting With Metaphase Marketing


Consulting with Metaphase Marketing will help take your marketing team from good to great!

Success in today’s marketplace is no longer mandated by surgical expertise but determined by a practice’s ability to embrace the new realm of retail medicine.  To thrive in this arena requires a new mindset and corresponding strategies to attract, convert and retain these patients.  Success will be determined by the extent that each practice—its staff, business processes, and service attitude—meets the specific needs of the elective patient.


Internet lead conversion is equal parts science, marketing, and salesmanship.

Trying to achieve success requires significant attention to all three parts. Ignoring one will have a dramatic impact on the other two.

Our mission is simple: to provide the top-notch consulting, training and implementation programs to help local health and wellness practices convert and retain modern social patients more profitably.

Our best-in-class strategies help you and your team create and implement targeted business processes that effectively maximize the percent of new activity that converts into consultations, scheduled treatments, and raving fans.  Unless we’re crazy, we believe that’s what matters! We think you’ll agree.

Our Approach

Metaphase Marketing focuses on maximizing your people, process, and tools to provide the best experience.

Your People

We believe your people are the most important aspect of the patient engagement process.  As part of our in-depth partnership program, we provide them with training and coaching on customer and sales skills to differentiate your practice, bond with patients and schedule qualified consults and surgeries.  Sales scripts, resolving objections and tools for driving conversions will be the primary focus.

Your Process

You and your team must be ready to provide a 5-star consultation and treatment experience. We will evaluate your current process from check-in to checkout and all the steps in between.  All team members will understand their role in the process and how to support the team.  We will upgrade your current communication process to manage patient expectations before, during and after every office encounter to drive satisfaction.

Your Tools

Our approach incorporates automation, data and measurable performance standards to help you and your team hit their goals. Using the innovation and flexibility of the Social Patient Center (SPC), your staff will effectively manage the patients in the pipeline and eliminate patient’s falling through cracks.

Your Success

The key to success starts with you, your attitude and your ability to adapt to the new systems and processes required to take your practice to the next level.  It all starts with you.  Are you ready?