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All case studies are true and accurate at the time of documenting. Since then, they may have increased or decreased. There are many factors that play into the success of a business and we cannot control them all. These case studies do not guarantee results. Long story short, your results may vary.


How we took a cancer treatment service company from 50 to 400 leads per month.


When we first started working with Massive Bio they were using a direct marketing strategy consisting of generating leads from their website by driving traffic from Google AdWrods. When we got into the trenches and stated implementing our own strategies their Google AdWords account was a mess, they didn’t have any retargeting pixel on their site, and they were’t putting out any content on social.

Within a month of working with us, we took them from 50 - 80 leads per month on solely on Google AdWords to 300-400 targeted leads per month with a combination of Google, Facebook, and social media.

By leveraging Facebook’s detailed targeting, we were able to bring them leads from extremely rare cancer types. Leads that Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) would pay $200+ for, we were able to generate for $5 - 9 per lead.

We were able to accomplish this



Ave. cost / lead


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How we brought a 14 year old company into 2019

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When companies first realize that digital is the way of the future, it can be a shocking moment. Digital is a vast new world and navigating it can be challenging. Luckily, MedCentric - a medical search firm chose to make the transition into digital with us, so we took them by the hand and showed them the way.

The first thing we did was test which audience was going to perform the best since they were targeting B2B with a low audience size. After split testing 4 audiences with over 20 images and videos we determined that a 1% lookalike (LLA) audience layered under the demographic of industry.

This gave us a wide enough audience so that Facebook Artificial Intelligence could narrow down to the right audience, but wide enough we served a large amount of impressions and high relevancy score.

Be determining which creative (ad image) performed the best, we were then able to scale up the campaign and increase the budget, lowering the cost per lead.

We used a lead form - lead gen campaign which reduced the friction for the users are ultimately allowed us to get $15-20 leads in the B2B space for high level directors and VPs.

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How we scaled a weight loss center from start-up to thriving.


When we first started working with Shapeology they were in the start up phase. They didn’t have a social media presence, they didn’t even have a Facebook Ad Account, much less the retargeting pixel.

After just a couple month of working with them we were able to help them build the infrastructure to handle a study flow of leads and new patients.

We were able to achieve this by using detailed targeting layers with geographic location and ‘Lead Form’ strategy for lead gen. Automated delivery of leads make sure that the client received them directly into their inbox and CRM so they could follow up and schedule appointments as soon as possible.

Social media also played a crucial role in the success of the campaign. As a start up, the client lacked social proof, so building up a good foundation of Instagram followers and Facebook Page likes was crucial.

The content in the ads was a major variable for success. Because we were advertising treatments from Allergan, like JUVÉDERM®, CoolSculpting®, and BOTOX®, we had to produce unique media that caught the attention of the audience

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